My Not-So Adventurous Side

I hinted a bit about how I’m kind of a conservative girl in some respects, so I figure I may as well elaborate on that a bit. When I say I’m conservative, I’m not talking about politics or even morals- I’m a modern woman and I am very comfortable with my sexuality, body, and all of that. However, I have a hard time taking what I believe are unnecessary chances.

When I was younger and one of my friends would suggest something fun that seemed a little dangerous, I would be the first to point out the possible drawbacks. I never even went to haunted houses on Halloween. I don’t watch scary movies, because I’m secretly kind of worried that seeing horrible things will just make me even more cautious! The last thing I need is more things to be fearful of!

I like to think that I’m not necessarily irrationally cautious, but sensibly cautious, instead. I like to tell my girlfriends, “I have a healthy fear of…” and then say whatever it is I’m avoiding at the time, whether it would be thunderstorms, sharks in the ocean, heights, moving vehicles, electricity, homeless people, or whatever.

God, reading that makes me look really bad! I swear, I’m not scared of everything. I even take kickboxing classes, and not the cardio kickboxing crap, either. I mean hitting and kicking other people. So, see? I’m not a total wienie, no matter what my friends say!


Trying New Things For Once

I was inspired by some of the fresh looking designs at the fashion show to expand my horizons a little bit. See, I have this well-earned reputation with my friends for not liking to try new things. It’s unfortunate, I know, but I can’t really argue with it…mostly because it is completely true.

It’s not that I don’t like new things. It’s more that when I find things I do like, I figure that I might as well stick with them rather than risk wasting time, energy, or money with something new.

So, I didn’t expand my horizons enough to go bungee jumping or sky diving or anything. I wasn’t involved in any crazy sex orgy or anything like that. But I did try Thai food, which I’m embarrassed to say that, even as a New York resident, I had never tried before. I always figured that it would be too spicy for me, and therefore just never wanted to give it a chance.

I started off with satay, which was marinated chicken served on skewers, and to my enjoyment, not spicy at all! I was recommended to get a green chicken curry, so I did and it was very tasty. I also got pad Thai noodles served with shrimp, which was very good. My entree was a little spicy, but not nearly what I had always feared, and now I feel like I’m ready to go beyond the beginner foods the next time. Hooray for me!

A Fashion Show? Of Course!

A friend of mine, Sofia, called me last weekend to see if I wanted to go to a fashion show with her. I said, and I quote, “A fashion show? Of course!” with perhaps a bit too much excitement in my voice.

When I met her there, I had to give her a hard time. “Sofia,” I said. “I’m wondering just how well you know me after all if you think you even need to ask whether I’d be interested in going to a fashion show!” Seriously, though…if I’m not at work or violently ill, I will stop everything to go to a good fashion show.

This one was really impressive. Lots of young designers with really bold takes on different and fresh looks. Even the models looked full of energy; it’s amazing how much the right outfit can change your outlook and make you feel ready to tackle the world. The fashion industry is always seen as this terrible thing that encourages unhealthy eating habits or that wants to make you feel bad for not having the money to buy designer clothes, but I’ve seen the good things about it, too. The right clothes can really change your life!

Anyway, afterward I talked to some of the designers and they had a lot of really insightful things to say. I learned a lot about designing lines to look good on certain body types, and also how to draw eyes to certain areas and even away from others. There’s really so much to designing clothes that people wouldn’t even think about.

Out Shopping With Mom

What’s a better thing to do after a disaster of a double date than go out shopping with your mom? My mom and I are actually pretty close, even though she is in many ways your stereotypical overprotective Latin mom. Still, I don’t get annoyed very much about her overprotective nature, since I recognize that she is just showing that she cares.

That’s good, since after turning 30, most of our conversations have been about why I’m not married and popping out kids yet. I tried to tell her that things are different in the United States and things are also different with the current generation, that not everybody gets married and has kids in their early 20s. She still doesn’t understand.

Anyway, despite the need of my mother to beg me to make her grandchildren, we had a nice time. We ate at an Italian restaurant that has excellent chicken alfredo and then we checked out some stores and I even picked out a cute handbag for Mom. She always resists when I want to pick stuff out for her, but I want her to be at least a little trendy! She had me young, so she’s only 50! It’s not time for her to become an old lady yet, as I always tell her.

I found out during our shopping date that my Uncle Carlos is in trouble again. I swear, some of the people in my family will never learn. This time, he got caught breaking into a post office to try to steal money. First of all, a federal building? Second of all, hasn’t he heard? The post office is struggling to stay open…they don’t have any money!

A Disastrous Double Date

The other night, against all of my instincts, I went out on a double date. I promised myself a long time ago that I was done with blind dates, and of course, most double dates are basically blind dates. One of your friends and her boyfriend find some loser guy that is bored with nothing to do and ask you to come along for a night of awkward conversation and awful moments.

I never learn.

I went out with Maria, and she’s been seeing this really young guy. Like college age young. So of course, he brought one of his “bros”, whose name I would tell you if I had been given it. Instead, I was told that he goes by “J Money”. Yes, “J Money”. I was surprised to hear that not only has his rap career not taken off, but that he’s not a rapper at all, as I thought only rappers were allowed to call themselves “J Money” when they reached adulthood.

Ironically enough, J Money apparently forgot his wallet, so Maria’s boyfriend had to cover his end of dinner and buy all of our drinks all night. I certainly wasn’t going to fall into that trap! Noting the irony of a guy named J Money not actually having any money with him was probably the only highlight of my night! It certainly wasn’t when J Money basically forced himself on me on the dance floor, or when he asked me, “Girl, what’s up wit it?” I didn’t know what in the world he was asking me, and Maria had to act as an interpreter and tell me that it was J Money-speak for “I would like to date you, are you interested?”

I replied, “Absolutely nothing is up with it. But thanks.”

A Day With Nothing to Do

I don’t think it’s a secret that like most young women my age, I like to go out and have a good time on a pretty regular basis. Still, though, everybody needs a break sometimes! Especially with my work being so busy most of the time, I take my breaks when I can get them. Every now and then, I enjoy just having a day with nothing to do.

Like today, for instance, I managed to get to the gym and do a little workout (always a struggle for me!), but other than that, I just stayed inside. I watched some old movies and did some cleaning around the house. I also got onto CasinoEstrella a bit and even won some money, which I’m sure I’ll spend on shoes in the near future. I checked my e-mail and Facebook, all that kind of stuff.

The one thing that I rarely do, though, is sleep in. Even when I’m out late I have a hard time sleeping in like my friends do. Carla usually rolls out of bed about one in the afternoon on a weekend after we’ve gone out! I can’t imagine doing that. So, I suppose that even my lazy days are more productive than some people’s, lol.

After taking a day to recuperate, I feel ready to attack the world again. I love being active, so one day of being lazy is about all that I can handle before I go stir crazy. Watch out New York, here I come!

Out With My Crazy Friends

So, enough about work! I’m sure that you don’t want to read about that in every blog entry, after all. I have a little more interesting story from hanging out with my crazy friends the other night, anyway.

I have several friends that I spend time with regularly, but my closest ones are Carla, Maria, and Suzie. We are really a unique group, with our own distinct personalities. I’m known as the conservative one, though I wouldn’t describe myself that way. I would rather say that I’m just not quite as crazy as my friends are!

Carla is the most down to earth of the bunch, she’s kind of the middle person when we bicker, and she’s usually the voice of reason. Maria is hot-blooded in every way (ha, ha!), as she is the one with a quick temper who does very rash things and also goes through guys like I go through new outfits. Finally, Suzie is a sweetheart, but she likes to date bad guys for some reason.
The other night when we went out, Maria embarrassed Suzie so bad! We were out having some drinks, and Suzie kept telling us that she liked a guy that was at the bar. He had looked over at her a few times, too, but of course Suzie was too nervous to do anything but give a little smile. He looked like a nice guy though, totally not the “bad boy” type Suzie usually falls for. So Maria yells over, “Hey! Do you have any tattoos?” The guy was kind of surprised but said he didn’t. Maria yelled, “A motorcycle? A history of cage fighting? Criminal record? Anything?!?” And he laughed and said, “None of the above.”

Maria shook her head in mock disappointment and said, “Well, my friend here probably won’t be interested in you, then.”

Hard Work is Good Work

Like I was saying in my last blog, I’m very serious about my career. Fortunately, since I am single and have not had kids (thank goodness!), I’m able to give my career the time it needs so that I can be a success. Anyway, my work can be very challenging- long hours sometimes, lots of difficult tasks and a lot of things to learn, too. However, my father instilled a very good work ethic in me, and he was a hard working restaurant owner in Lima.

He had a polla a la Brasa (or Peruvian chicken) restaurant in Lima, which is where I had my first job when I was very young. I worked there until we moved and continued working part-time while also going to school and participating in extracurricular activities in high school here in the United States. From observing my dad, I learned all about working hard. He isn’t a preachy person who likes to lecture. Instead, I saw how hard he worked and took after him.

Anyway, one of the things I love about my job is that I can’t give just a half effort and expect to succeed. I know there are a lot of jobs out there, even those that require a college degree, that are very repetitive and simple. Some people are okay with a job where you can kind of go on autopilot and coast through the day, but to me, that’s boring. I need a job that challenges me, and in human relations I really got that opportunity.

A Little About Adriana

Hey everyone! My name is Adriana Carranza and I’m a little new to blogging. I’ve read a lot of blogs before but never really thought about starting my own. Still, I used to have a diary when I was in my teens, and this can kind of be like that, but of course, without all those delicious teenage secrets! Ha, ha! So, if you are going to be reading about my life, I’d better give you a little bit about me, first.

I’m 30 years old (scary!) and live in New York. However, I’m originally from Lima, Peru. By now, I’ve spent about half of my life in each place, so I feel like I really have kind of had two lives. I wouldn’t complain, though, because my experiences have made me who I am.

My interests are about what you’d expect for a young, single woman in New York. I love to go out with friends, meet people, eat at restaurants and go shopping. I have a real passion for fashion (and poetry, apparently!), though I’m also serious about my career, which is as a human relations manager. I tell people sometimes that I’m a professional babysitting because I mediate a lot of disputes, but I wouldn’t change my job for anything…well, except maybe to be a fashion designer!

I can’t promise you these will all be the most entertaining blog entries, but if you want to know about the life of Adriana Carranza, you’ve come to the right place! Thanks for reading!