Ready for Date Number Two

I’m getting ready for my second date with David as I type this! Well, okay, I’m actually already ready for the date, which is why I have time to type this. The thing is, it’s not like I’m one of those girls who can get ready to go out really fast, it’s more of the fact that I’m already pretty much set because I worked today and already did everything I need to do. I did change dresses and touched up my makeup, of course.

So, I have about a half hour to kill, and I’ve just been surfing the Internet, like we all enjoy doing. It’s crazy the kinds of things you can find by just clicking around online. Don’t ask me how, but I read up on Stanley Kubrick’s crazy directing techniques, checked out an article about people who are addicted to body modification (not for me, thanks), and saw the most famous streaker photo of all time, all within the last half hour.

Like I said, the internet is a crazy place.

I’m not sure exactly what we’re doing tonight. David likes to just freewheel things a little bit, which works well with the rest of his personality, since he’s kind of a relaxed guy. I get the impression that he is very serious about his job, though, so he must have that rare ability to kind of “flip a switch” when work is over and become a more casual person. It’s something I’ve always tried to do too, even if it’s sometimes hard to leave work problems at work where they belong.

One thing I know I do want to do with David: have him fly me around in his plane. I mean, if you start dating a guy with a pilot’s license, you have to at least ask, right? Is the third date too soon to get in a plane with a new guy? Is there a guideline on this?


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