A Bombshell from Maria

I heard from David yesterday! It sounds like we’re going to hook up again sometime soon (or rather, go on a date; not “hook up” the way that twenty-somethings mean it), although we have to get our schedules to line up. I tell you, dating as a career woman isn’t always easy! You don’t want to say “have your secretary call my secretary”, but sometimes it’d be WAY easier!

My dinner with Maria was good. She dropped a real bombshell on me while we were having drinks afterward. It sounds like she might be getting a promotion that could take her pretty far away, as in “Australia far away”. After the shock wore off and I got tired of making jokes about Crocodile Dundee and kangaroos, I asked her if she’d really want to do it.

The thing is, she’s about my age and the job is only going to be located in Australia for a few years. That means that she’s definitely not going to meet anybody there and have any kind of lasting relationship work very well, and then she’ll be back here and in her mid-30’s, starting all over again. I know she’s not the most family-oriented person, but it seems like a real sacrifice, even to me.

Plus, Australia? It’s not that it’s a bad place, it just seems so…random. You think about Australia, you know it exists, you know people live there, but it’s not a real place in terms of someplace you think you or your friends will end up for years at a time. It’s kind of mind-blowing, really. I’ve had Maria around since college!

Sometimes, you forget that life is a very changeable thing. You get used to having things kind of the way they are and then BAM! Something changes, or could change, and you realize that you’ve gotten settled into a routine that you just figured would continue forever.


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