A Surprisingly Lazy Afternoon

Well, I haven’t heard from David in a couple of days, although he did call me after the date to say he’d had a good time, so it’s not like he just disappeared on me. We’ll see how that goes…I never get my hopes up when it comes to dating, of course! I did like him, though.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty busy the last couple of days and I really needed to unwind this afternoon. Work has slowed down a bit so I took an extra long lunch and just played on my phone, which I almost never do! To me, phones are phones, but I have to admit that I’ve been addicted to a couple of the Availion games I’ve downloaded from iTunes. I’m not usually much of a gamer, but these games are fun even for me.

I also got on the computer and just bummed around, looking at what different actresses are wearing for award season and stuff. A lot of people love award season to actually see who wins, but for me it’s all about the red carpet and what everyone is wearing. I like to see what designers are coming up with and how they work to an actresses’ strengths both in terms of looks and personality.

Of course, there are always some real train wrecks, and those are fun to see, too!

I think I’m going to have dinner with Maria tonight. Her raunchy sense of humor is just what I need to help me lighten up right now. I was able to slack off a bit this afternoon, but I know that things at work will be picking up again before I know it, like they always do. Oh well, I did say I like being busy, right?


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