Lunch Meeting With Carla

Carla didn’t want to get just a phone call recap of my date with David, so I figured because we hadn’t hung out since our shopping weekend we could get together for lunch. It was very nice, of course, we went to a sushi place that she had always wanted me to try (I told you, I’m getting more adventurous…baby steps, though!).

The sushi was okay…it’s an acquired taste, for sure. Fortunately, I wasn’t all that hungry, anyway, and they had delicious cocktails, as well. I was actually a little disappointed that I had to go back to work and had to cut myself off after two of them!

Best of all, I got to dish with Carla about David, and she even asked me about little details of him that I honestly hadn’t thought about until she asked. She’s a much more detail-oriented person than I am, while I’m more of a “big picture” person. Maybe that’s why I like my job, because it forces me to think about details for once?

Anyway, Carla dropped a bomb on me during our lunch date: her brother, Sam, is moving back to New York. Sam and I had dated for a year in high school before we went our separate ways knowing that he would be going to college in Pennsylvania. He has been back a few times since but I haven’t seen him in a few years. I think Carla knows I still like him, though, and Sam has been divorced (no kids, either) for a couple of years now. Of course, this happens once I’ve met a guy that I kind of like!


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