A Non-Disastrous First Date

I had the most glorious of things the other night- a non-disastrous first date! This was my first date since the infamous J Money, so perhaps I was easy to impress by this point, I don’t know. In any case, I went out with a guy I met at a convention through my work named David that has a similar position to me, but in a different (and slightly smaller, I liked reminding him) company.

He’s a great guy; he likes a lot of the things I like, but also some different things as well. He has a pilot’s license because his dad always wanted him to follow in his footsteps as a pilot, but he likes to do it as a hobby, instead. That’s definitely more adventurous than I’d ever be, of course. He also enjoys writing and has had a few short stories published in the past, too.

Anyway, we had some drinks and went out dancing, and fortunately, David passed what I like to call the “rhythm test”. What? I’m sorry, I can’t date a guy with no rhythm! I was also glad to see that even after we had both had a few drinks, he didn’t become a jerk or a huge pervert or anything…hurdle number two cleared!

What else? Oh, he’s very funny, but in a non-forced way that comes out through regular conversation, which I love. He’s well-read (he actually made me feel bad in that respect, my reading has slowed down in recent years with my work and all), and did I mention completely hot? I think we’ll be going on a second date for sure!


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