Shopping Weekends: Heaven on Earth!

I finally had one of my famous weekend-long shopping trips with the girls last weekend! It was amazing, let me tell you. After a ridiculously long week at work and all kinds of challenges there (including some fun with Marlene, of course), I was so ready to get out of town, so we all went to Fifth Avenue and enjoyed some shopping there the first day. We went to Bergdorf Goodman for lunch and shopping, stopped by Saks Fifth Avenue (of course), and went so many other places I forget them all!

Of course, I bought something from just about every store, so I could probably just look at all the stuff I bought!

Instead of going to our respective homes, we got a beautiful hotel suite and had some drinks at the hotel bar before hanging out and going to sleep, and then the next day we went to Madison Avenue and stopped at Giorgio, Fratelli Rossetti, Prada, and so many more places. I had to actually restrain myself a few times because I had bought so much stuff already, but it was a great time.

Best of all, I got to spend time with the girls. We counseled Suzie on her latest dating disaster, we laughed at all of Maria’s sex jokes, and gave Carla a hard time for dating a guy a few years back that had worked part time as a clown for children’s birthday parties (she still defends the decision- “He was HOT,” she says). All in all, it was a great time!


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