Cute Guys Everywhere

I haven’t dated anyone seriously lately (and no, J Money from the double date definitely doesn’t count), but I meet guys what seems like all the time. Part of that is just that there are so many cute guys in New York. People think that California or Florida or someplace are where all the beautiful people are, and maybe that’s true of the ladies, but in New York it seems like there are plenty of amazing guys to go around.

The great thing is that they’re not just cute, either. They’re interesting, and they have successful careers or talented bands. They have acting careers or are in graduate school. New York has a lot of smart guys that just happen to be extremely yummy, too.
Just the other night when I was out with the girls, I looked at Maria and said, “I almost feel like you tonight, Maria! There are so many cute guys here tonight that I’m too frozen in shock to actually talk to any of them.” Of course, Maria said, “Well, then you don’t feel like me, because I’m never unable to talk to them!”

She had a point.

Still, the thing that has always happened to me is that my admittedly high standards have made it hard to date anybody for too long. I’ve met a lot of guys that I liked, but even if we ended up being friends there seemed to be something missing. It’s just that I’m very happy with my life, and to drastically change it, somebody would have to make me really want to do so. You know what I mean?


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