The Co-Worker from Hell

I’ve talked before about how much I love my job, and it’s true, I really do. I’ve talked about how I enjoy the challenge, and that’s also very much true. However, there’s an asterisk of sorts that goes with that statement.

I enjoy challenging tasks and even solving challenging problems, but I do not like working with challenging people who are only difficult because they are awful to be around or deal with. That is definitely not the kind of challenge I’m looking for.

However, I have this co-worker who I will call Marlene (not her real name, but it sounds old and snooty, which describes her perfectly), that provides just that kind of challenge. She is the kind of person who is always meddling in other people’s work, who always wants to put her two cents in, and who acts kind of like a teacher’s pet, to boot.

I’m a good worker; I get my work done no matter what. I don’t enjoy having somebody think that they can babysit me. Yet, multiple times per week, Marlene will overhear me talking about a work-related issue and chime in with her famous, “Well, you know…” before giving a speech or a lecture.

When it’s not a work-related thing, she’ll still find time to lecture myself or others, even if it has to do with brewing coffee in the break room or people cleaning up after themselves. She even acted like Michael Scott from The Office once, calling a meeting (which she has no authority to do) to find out who used all the coffee filters. Finally, our boss just said, “Marlene, we all have work to do, and to be honest, you can’t just be calling us in for non work-related meetings.”

That cooled her down, but only for a couple of days. Then she was back to her normal, lecturing self.


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