My Not-So Adventurous Side

I hinted a bit about how I’m kind of a conservative girl in some respects, so I figure I may as well elaborate on that a bit. When I say I’m conservative, I’m not talking about politics or even morals- I’m a modern woman and I am very comfortable with my sexuality, body, and all of that. However, I have a hard time taking what I believe are unnecessary chances.

When I was younger and one of my friends would suggest something fun that seemed a little dangerous, I would be the first to point out the possible drawbacks. I never even went to haunted houses on Halloween. I don’t watch scary movies, because I’m secretly kind of worried that seeing horrible things will just make me even more cautious! The last thing I need is more things to be fearful of!

I like to think that I’m not necessarily irrationally cautious, but sensibly cautious, instead. I like to tell my girlfriends, “I have a healthy fear of…” and then say whatever it is I’m avoiding at the time, whether it would be thunderstorms, sharks in the ocean, heights, moving vehicles, electricity, homeless people, or whatever.

God, reading that makes me look really bad! I swear, I’m not scared of everything. I even take kickboxing classes, and not the cardio kickboxing crap, either. I mean hitting and kicking other people. So, see? I’m not a total wienie, no matter what my friends say!


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