Trying New Things For Once

I was inspired by some of the fresh looking designs at the fashion show to expand my horizons a little bit. See, I have this well-earned reputation with my friends for not liking to try new things. It’s unfortunate, I know, but I can’t really argue with it…mostly because it is completely true.

It’s not that I don’t like new things. It’s more that when I find things I do like, I figure that I might as well stick with them rather than risk wasting time, energy, or money with something new.

So, I didn’t expand my horizons enough to go bungee jumping or sky diving or anything. I wasn’t involved in any crazy sex orgy or anything like that. But I did try Thai food, which I’m embarrassed to say that, even as a New York resident, I had never tried before. I always figured that it would be too spicy for me, and therefore just never wanted to give it a chance.

I started off with satay, which was marinated chicken served on skewers, and to my enjoyment, not spicy at all! I was recommended to get a green chicken curry, so I did and it was very tasty. I also got pad Thai noodles served with shrimp, which was very good. My entree was a little spicy, but not nearly what I had always feared, and now I feel like I’m ready to go beyond the beginner foods the next time. Hooray for me!


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