A Fashion Show? Of Course!

A friend of mine, Sofia, called me last weekend to see if I wanted to go to a fashion show with her. I said, and I quote, “A fashion show? Of course!” with perhaps a bit too much excitement in my voice.

When I met her there, I had to give her a hard time. “Sofia,” I said. “I’m wondering just how well you know me after all if you think you even need to ask whether I’d be interested in going to a fashion show!” Seriously, though…if I’m not at work or violently ill, I will stop everything to go to a good fashion show.

This one was really impressive. Lots of young designers with really bold takes on different and fresh looks. Even the models looked full of energy; it’s amazing how much the right outfit can change your outlook and make you feel ready to tackle the world. The fashion industry is always seen as this terrible thing that encourages unhealthy eating habits or that wants to make you feel bad for not having the money to buy designer clothes, but I’ve seen the good things about it, too. The right clothes can really change your life!

Anyway, afterward I talked to some of the designers and they had a lot of really insightful things to say. I learned a lot about designing lines to look good on certain body types, and also how to draw eyes to certain areas and even away from others. There’s really so much to designing clothes that people wouldn’t even think about.


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