Out Shopping With Mom

What’s a better thing to do after a disaster of a double date than go out shopping with your mom? My mom and I are actually pretty close, even though she is in many ways your stereotypical overprotective Latin mom. Still, I don’t get annoyed very much about her overprotective nature, since I recognize that she is just showing that she cares.

That’s good, since after turning 30, most of our conversations have been about why I’m not married and popping out kids yet. I tried to tell her that things are different in the United States and things are also different with the current generation, that not everybody gets married and has kids in their early 20s. She still doesn’t understand.

Anyway, despite the need of my mother to beg me to make her grandchildren, we had a nice time. We ate at an Italian restaurant that has excellent chicken alfredo and then we checked out some stores and I even picked out a cute handbag for Mom. She always resists when I want to pick stuff out for her, but I want her to be at least a little trendy! She had me young, so she’s only 50! It’s not time for her to become an old lady yet, as I always tell her.

I found out during our shopping date that my Uncle Carlos is in trouble again. I swear, some of the people in my family will never learn. This time, he got caught breaking into a post office to try to steal money. First of all, a federal building? Second of all, hasn’t he heard? The post office is struggling to stay open…they don’t have any money!


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