Out With My Crazy Friends

So, enough about work! I’m sure that you don’t want to read about that in every blog entry, after all. I have a little more interesting story from hanging out with my crazy friends the other night, anyway.

I have several friends that I spend time with regularly, but my closest ones are Carla, Maria, and Suzie. We are really a unique group, with our own distinct personalities. I’m known as the conservative one, though I wouldn’t describe myself that way. I would rather say that I’m just not quite as crazy as my friends are!

Carla is the most down to earth of the bunch, she’s kind of the middle person when we bicker, and she’s usually the voice of reason. Maria is hot-blooded in every way (ha, ha!), as she is the one with a quick temper who does very rash things and also goes through guys like I go through new outfits. Finally, Suzie is a sweetheart, but she likes to date bad guys for some reason.
The other night when we went out, Maria embarrassed Suzie so bad! We were out having some drinks, and Suzie kept telling us that she liked a guy that was at the bar. He had looked over at her a few times, too, but of course Suzie was too nervous to do anything but give a little smile. He looked like a nice guy though, totally not the “bad boy” type Suzie usually falls for. So Maria yells over, “Hey! Do you have any tattoos?” The guy was kind of surprised but said he didn’t. Maria yelled, “A motorcycle? A history of cage fighting? Criminal record? Anything?!?” And he laughed and said, “None of the above.”

Maria shook her head in mock disappointment and said, “Well, my friend here probably won’t be interested in you, then.”


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