Hard Work is Good Work

Like I was saying in my last blog, I’m very serious about my career. Fortunately, since I am single and have not had kids (thank goodness!), I’m able to give my career the time it needs so that I can be a success. Anyway, my work can be very challenging- long hours sometimes, lots of difficult tasks and a lot of things to learn, too. However, my father instilled a very good work ethic in me, and he was a hard working restaurant owner in Lima.

He had a polla a la Brasa (or Peruvian chicken) restaurant in Lima, which is where I had my first job when I was very young. I worked there until we moved and continued working part-time while also going to school and participating in extracurricular activities in high school here in the United States. From observing my dad, I learned all about working hard. He isn’t a preachy person who likes to lecture. Instead, I saw how hard he worked and took after him.

Anyway, one of the things I love about my job is that I can’t give just a half effort and expect to succeed. I know there are a lot of jobs out there, even those that require a college degree, that are very repetitive and simple. Some people are okay with a job where you can kind of go on autopilot and coast through the day, but to me, that’s boring. I need a job that challenges me, and in human relations I really got that opportunity.


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