A Little About Adriana

Hey everyone! My name is Adriana Carranza and I’m a little new to blogging. I’ve read a lot of blogs before but never really thought about starting my own. Still, I used to have a diary when I was in my teens, and this can kind of be like that, but of course, without all those delicious teenage secrets! Ha, ha! So, if you are going to be reading about my life, I’d better give you a little bit about me, first.

I’m 30 years old (scary!) and live in New York. However, I’m originally from Lima, Peru. By now, I’ve spent about half of my life in each place, so I feel like I really have kind of had two lives. I wouldn’t complain, though, because my experiences have made me who I am.

My interests are about what you’d expect for a young, single woman in New York. I love to go out with friends, meet people, eat at restaurants and go shopping. I have a real passion for fashion (and poetry, apparently!), though I’m also serious about my career, which is as a human relations manager. I tell people sometimes that I’m a professional babysitting because I mediate a lot of disputes, but I wouldn’t change my job for anything…well, except maybe to be a fashion designer!

I can’t promise you these will all be the most entertaining blog entries, but if you want to know about the life of Adriana Carranza, you’ve come to the right place! Thanks for reading!


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