Ready for Date Number Two

I’m getting ready for my second date with David as I type this! Well, okay, I’m actually already ready for the date, which is why I have time to type this. The thing is, it’s not like I’m one of those girls who can get ready to go out really fast, it’s more of the fact that I’m already pretty much set because I worked today and already did everything I need to do. I did change dresses and touched up my makeup, of course.

So, I have about a half hour to kill, and I’ve just been surfing the Internet, like we all enjoy doing. It’s crazy the kinds of things you can find by just clicking around online. Don’t ask me how, but I read up on Stanley Kubrick’s crazy directing techniques, checked out an article about people who are addicted to body modification (not for me, thanks), and saw the most famous streaker photo of all time, all within the last half hour.

Like I said, the internet is a crazy place.

I’m not sure exactly what we’re doing tonight. David likes to just freewheel things a little bit, which works well with the rest of his personality, since he’s kind of a relaxed guy. I get the impression that he is very serious about his job, though, so he must have that rare ability to kind of “flip a switch” when work is over and become a more casual person. It’s something I’ve always tried to do too, even if it’s sometimes hard to leave work problems at work where they belong.

One thing I know I do want to do with David: have him fly me around in his plane. I mean, if you start dating a guy with a pilot’s license, you have to at least ask, right? Is the third date too soon to get in a plane with a new guy? Is there a guideline on this?


A Bombshell from Maria

I heard from David yesterday! It sounds like we’re going to hook up again sometime soon (or rather, go on a date; not “hook up” the way that twenty-somethings mean it), although we have to get our schedules to line up. I tell you, dating as a career woman isn’t always easy! You don’t want to say “have your secretary call my secretary”, but sometimes it’d be WAY easier!

My dinner with Maria was good. She dropped a real bombshell on me while we were having drinks afterward. It sounds like she might be getting a promotion that could take her pretty far away, as in “Australia far away”. After the shock wore off and I got tired of making jokes about Crocodile Dundee and kangaroos, I asked her if she’d really want to do it.

The thing is, she’s about my age and the job is only going to be located in Australia for a few years. That means that she’s definitely not going to meet anybody there and have any kind of lasting relationship work very well, and then she’ll be back here and in her mid-30’s, starting all over again. I know she’s not the most family-oriented person, but it seems like a real sacrifice, even to me.

Plus, Australia? It’s not that it’s a bad place, it just seems so…random. You think about Australia, you know it exists, you know people live there, but it’s not a real place in terms of someplace you think you or your friends will end up for years at a time. It’s kind of mind-blowing, really. I’ve had Maria around since college!

Sometimes, you forget that life is a very changeable thing. You get used to having things kind of the way they are and then BAM! Something changes, or could change, and you realize that you’ve gotten settled into a routine that you just figured would continue forever.

A Surprisingly Lazy Afternoon

Well, I haven’t heard from David in a couple of days, although he did call me after the date to say he’d had a good time, so it’s not like he just disappeared on me. We’ll see how that goes…I never get my hopes up when it comes to dating, of course! I did like him, though.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty busy the last couple of days and I really needed to unwind this afternoon. Work has slowed down a bit so I took an extra long lunch and just played on my phone, which I almost never do! To me, phones are phones, but I have to admit that I’ve been addicted to a couple of the Availion games I’ve downloaded from iTunes. I’m not usually much of a gamer, but these games are fun even for me.

I also got on the computer and just bummed around, looking at what different actresses are wearing for award season and stuff. A lot of people love award season to actually see who wins, but for me it’s all about the red carpet and what everyone is wearing. I like to see what designers are coming up with and how they work to an actresses’ strengths both in terms of looks and personality.

Of course, there are always some real train wrecks, and those are fun to see, too!

I think I’m going to have dinner with Maria tonight. Her raunchy sense of humor is just what I need to help me lighten up right now. I was able to slack off a bit this afternoon, but I know that things at work will be picking up again before I know it, like they always do. Oh well, I did say I like being busy, right?

Lunch Meeting With Carla

Carla didn’t want to get just a phone call recap of my date with David, so I figured because we hadn’t hung out since our shopping weekend we could get together for lunch. It was very nice, of course, we went to a sushi place that she had always wanted me to try (I told you, I’m getting more adventurous…baby steps, though!).

The sushi was okay…it’s an acquired taste, for sure. Fortunately, I wasn’t all that hungry, anyway, and they had delicious cocktails, as well. I was actually a little disappointed that I had to go back to work and had to cut myself off after two of them!

Best of all, I got to dish with Carla about David, and she even asked me about little details of him that I honestly hadn’t thought about until she asked. She’s a much more detail-oriented person than I am, while I’m more of a “big picture” person. Maybe that’s why I like my job, because it forces me to think about details for once?

Anyway, Carla dropped a bomb on me during our lunch date: her brother, Sam, is moving back to New York. Sam and I had dated for a year in high school before we went our separate ways knowing that he would be going to college in Pennsylvania. He has been back a few times since but I haven’t seen him in a few years. I think Carla knows I still like him, though, and Sam has been divorced (no kids, either) for a couple of years now. Of course, this happens once I’ve met a guy that I kind of like!

A Non-Disastrous First Date

I had the most glorious of things the other night- a non-disastrous first date! This was my first date since the infamous J Money, so perhaps I was easy to impress by this point, I don’t know. In any case, I went out with a guy I met at a convention through my work named David that has a similar position to me, but in a different (and slightly smaller, I liked reminding him) company.

He’s a great guy; he likes a lot of the things I like, but also some different things as well. He has a pilot’s license because his dad always wanted him to follow in his footsteps as a pilot, but he likes to do it as a hobby, instead. That’s definitely more adventurous than I’d ever be, of course. He also enjoys writing and has had a few short stories published in the past, too.

Anyway, we had some drinks and went out dancing, and fortunately, David passed what I like to call the “rhythm test”. What? I’m sorry, I can’t date a guy with no rhythm! I was also glad to see that even after we had both had a few drinks, he didn’t become a jerk or a huge pervert or anything…hurdle number two cleared!

What else? Oh, he’s very funny, but in a non-forced way that comes out through regular conversation, which I love. He’s well-read (he actually made me feel bad in that respect, my reading has slowed down in recent years with my work and all), and did I mention completely hot? I think we’ll be going on a second date for sure!

Shopping Weekends: Heaven on Earth!

I finally had one of my famous weekend-long shopping trips with the girls last weekend! It was amazing, let me tell you. After a ridiculously long week at work and all kinds of challenges there (including some fun with Marlene, of course), I was so ready to get out of town, so we all went to Fifth Avenue and enjoyed some shopping there the first day. We went to Bergdorf Goodman for lunch and shopping, stopped by Saks Fifth Avenue (of course), and went so many other places I forget them all!

Of course, I bought something from just about every store, so I could probably just look at all the stuff I bought!

Instead of going to our respective homes, we got a beautiful hotel suite and had some drinks at the hotel bar before hanging out and going to sleep, and then the next day we went to Madison Avenue and stopped at Giorgio, Fratelli Rossetti, Prada, and so many more places. I had to actually restrain myself a few times because I had bought so much stuff already, but it was a great time.

Best of all, I got to spend time with the girls. We counseled Suzie on her latest dating disaster, we laughed at all of Maria’s sex jokes, and gave Carla a hard time for dating a guy a few years back that had worked part time as a clown for children’s birthday parties (she still defends the decision- “He was HOT,” she says). All in all, it was a great time!

Someone Worth Dating

To continue on my point from last time, I date a lot, but it seems to be hard to find somebody worth dating. I don’t want that to sound like I’m self-centered, because I’m really not. I’m sure I’ve met guys who thought I was okay, but I didn’t have whatever it was that they were looking for, either. I try not to take it personally. It’s not about being “good enough”, it’s about people having different taste.

Anyway, a lot of girls want to meet a guy that is just like them. I’m different in that way; I want to meet a guy who is kind of a Yin to my Yang. I want a guy who is kind of adventurous and will take me out of my comfort zone. I want a guy who can educate me on his own interests instead of conforming to mine. I want a guy who can expose me to things I didn’t know existed! (Get your mind out of the gutter, I didn’t mean like THAT…although, I wouldn’t complain if I met a guy who was knowledgeable in those areas, too!)

Most of all, though, I try not to set specific criteria. I’m not looking for a certain height, or body type, or hair color, or anything else. I just want somebody that makes me want to be with them and give up things to pursue a life with them. I think that’s the simplest and most useful criteria of all, don’t you?

Cute Guys Everywhere

I haven’t dated anyone seriously lately (and no, J Money from the double date definitely doesn’t count), but I meet guys what seems like all the time. Part of that is just that there are so many cute guys in New York. People think that California or Florida or someplace are where all the beautiful people are, and maybe that’s true of the ladies, but in New York it seems like there are plenty of amazing guys to go around.

The great thing is that they’re not just cute, either. They’re interesting, and they have successful careers or talented bands. They have acting careers or are in graduate school. New York has a lot of smart guys that just happen to be extremely yummy, too.
Just the other night when I was out with the girls, I looked at Maria and said, “I almost feel like you tonight, Maria! There are so many cute guys here tonight that I’m too frozen in shock to actually talk to any of them.” Of course, Maria said, “Well, then you don’t feel like me, because I’m never unable to talk to them!”

She had a point.

Still, the thing that has always happened to me is that my admittedly high standards have made it hard to date anybody for too long. I’ve met a lot of guys that I liked, but even if we ended up being friends there seemed to be something missing. It’s just that I’m very happy with my life, and to drastically change it, somebody would have to make me really want to do so. You know what I mean?

The Co-Worker from Hell

I’ve talked before about how much I love my job, and it’s true, I really do. I’ve talked about how I enjoy the challenge, and that’s also very much true. However, there’s an asterisk of sorts that goes with that statement.

I enjoy challenging tasks and even solving challenging problems, but I do not like working with challenging people who are only difficult because they are awful to be around or deal with. That is definitely not the kind of challenge I’m looking for.

However, I have this co-worker who I will call Marlene (not her real name, but it sounds old and snooty, which describes her perfectly), that provides just that kind of challenge. She is the kind of person who is always meddling in other people’s work, who always wants to put her two cents in, and who acts kind of like a teacher’s pet, to boot.

I’m a good worker; I get my work done no matter what. I don’t enjoy having somebody think that they can babysit me. Yet, multiple times per week, Marlene will overhear me talking about a work-related issue and chime in with her famous, “Well, you know…” before giving a speech or a lecture.

When it’s not a work-related thing, she’ll still find time to lecture myself or others, even if it has to do with brewing coffee in the break room or people cleaning up after themselves. She even acted like Michael Scott from The Office once, calling a meeting (which she has no authority to do) to find out who used all the coffee filters. Finally, our boss just said, “Marlene, we all have work to do, and to be honest, you can’t just be calling us in for non work-related meetings.”

That cooled her down, but only for a couple of days. Then she was back to her normal, lecturing self.

Struggling With Motivation

I have always been a very fit looking person. That’s not me being cocky or arrogant, it’s just admitting the truth. When I was younger, I was active in sports and as a child, I was always running around our neighborhood in Lima. Even in college, I stayed active through intramural sports and stuff like that.

As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve realized that to keep looking good I have to make time to actually exercise (not to mention that I have to watch what I eat, which is yet another struggle in and of itself).

This is hard for me to do for a couple of reasons. One is that I never had to actually concentrate on exercising earlier in my life. I got so much exercise through activities that I actually enjoy that I didn’t have to go to a gym and run on a treadmill or anything. Another reason is that I just don’t like exercise for the sake of exercise. Give me a sport to play or something, and I’ll happily do it. Give me a treadmill or an elliptical trainer and I’ll get bored very quickly.

That’s one reason why I’ve done kickboxing, yoga, and even some aerobics. I need to take my mind off of what can otherwise be very dull exercise routines and focus on a different, more entertaining activity.

The last problem, though, is that since I never had to go out of my way to look fit in the past, I’ve kind of taken it for granted. I kind of feel like, “Why do I have to do all this extra work NOW, all of a sudden?” Ugh. Oh, well. You want to look good, you have to take care of your body, right?